Cycad International has over 30 years experience in growing Cycads that have been grown from legally collected seeds from around the world.   Our stock portfolio boasts over 10,000 Cycads ranging in size from medium to unique premium landscape feature plants that can be sold and freighted worldwide.    We have the skilled and dedicated staff to ensure all our products have been grown under best practice growing conditions.   We are able to supply in commercial quantities an extensive range of Cycads suitable for a wide diversity of climatic conditions.   Full sea container loads our speciality.

Cycad International has all legal documentation to salvage harvest mature Adansonia gregorii (Baobab/boab) trees from large land clearing operations.   A number of these unique and magnificent trees have now been successfully exported and are flourishing in high profile projects in Dubai / Doha / Bahrain / Brunei / Vietnam / Singapore / Georgia / Japan.

Our Company can offer a ‘One-Stop-Shop’ for Exports where all onshore logistics can be arranged for our clients.    We work with our clients to ensure all correct documentation is provided.   We offer in-house quarantine inspections at our Registered Quarantine Inspection Facility.    We have Export Permits that allow for multiple consignments with NO limits on sizes or quantities shipped.

Magnificent Dioon spinulosum plants in 130+ litre planter pots.   Ready for export worldwide

           Cycad Plants – Export Worldwide

Cycad International stock list features one of the World’s largest range of rare and exotic Cycads for commercial buyers, landscape designers and home gardeners around the world.     We are able to supply in small and commercial quantities an extensive range of Cycads suitable for a wide diversity of climatic conditions.

Adansonia gregorii (Baobab/Boab)

Cycad International has the only legal commercial purposes licence to salvage harvest Adansonia gregorii (Baobab/ Boab) Trees from the Western Australian Kimberley region and export worldwide.   Trees grow in a wide range of soils and suited to warm temperate to semi desert conditions to equatorial climates and are drought hardy semi-succulents..

Logistics and Shipping

Cycad International premises are a Registered Quarantine Facility and our qualified staff are approved as Australian Quarantine Authorised Officers so all our shipments can be inspected at our facilities, loaded into containers and transported to Sea Port and are not opened until they reach destination.

Australian Customers – Purchase Cycad Plants 

Cycad International is keen to supply our premium quality and sized cycad plants to Australian Home Gardeners / Property Developers / Project Managers / Large scale commercial developments / City Councils.    Our staff have the expertise and experience to prepare our plants for transport / carry out treatments to our plants if necessary / carefully pack and send interstate.

We have approval to send our plants into all Australian states including Western Australia but excluding Tasmania

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Adansonia digitata (kilima) Trees

Cycad International has available for sale Adansonia digitata (kilima) trees in various sized containers ranging from 300 mm pots / 45 litre up to 100 litre planter bags.

There are nine extant species of baobab (Adansonia spp.): six in Madagascar, two (A. digitata, A. kilima) on the African continent and one (A. gregorii) in the Kimberley region of north-western Australia.

Contact us for more information and pricing and transport options.

Australian Logistics and Road Transport

Cycad International has experienced staff who can safely and expertly prepare our plants to travel by road freight to all destinations across Australia (except Tasmania).   Great back loading rates are available for pallet spaces.   Good discounts apply for bulk orders

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